Andelyn Farm Policies

Please read before your stay with us

The following policies have been established to ensure that everyone enjoys their stay at Andelyn Farm. We have established policies that benefit the majority, provide consideration for other campers, and safeguard the beauty of the farm. Many of our policies are the direct result of APA (Handicap Compliant) rules and regulations. Some of the policies may be inconvenient at times, but they are necessary if we are to continue to provide the best campground for your enjoyment. Also, we wish to protect the beauty and nature of the farm.

Our season runs from 1 May until 31 December. We will be closed January thru April each year. We will reassess these dates next year.

Cars must be parked in the parking area by the store at all times, except to unload and load at your campsite on arrival and departure dates. The campground is “car free” for everyone’s safety. Motorbikes/ATVs may be parked next to guest campsite or in the designated parking area by store. There is a speed limit of 5 mph. Campsite must be kept orderly, clean and maintained. There is a $20 fee assessed for each day this is not done.

At the time of reservation, a 50% deposit is made to hold the reservation. The full balance of your reservation is due at least 7 days before your stay.

If cancellation is made 30 days before date of reservation a full refund will be given.

If cancellation is made less than 30 days before the reservation date, a refund of 50% of the deposit will be given.

If cancellation is made less than 7 days from the reservation date, NO refund will be given.

Refunds will not be given if the Guest chooses leave before the end of reservation date or is evicted for policy violations.

You may request the cancellation of your reservation either by calling us on +1 (518)-240-4104 or via email to Please provide the booking ID number given in your confirmation email with all correspondence.

Other than immediate family all visitors must register at the store upon arrival, even when riding in with Guest, and must be visiting a Guest who is present on the grounds. It is the Guest’s responsibility to register all visitors arriving when store is open, or notify Andelyn Farm via text/call to (518) 480-1308 if the store is closed. Visiting hours are between 9am and 9pm. The maximum number of visitors per reservation is 4; Andelyn Farm must pre-approve exceptions to this. All visitors staying overnight must pay an overnight fee for each night ($25 for each adult). The Guest is accountable for all visitors’ actions and should inform visitors of Andelyn Farm’s policies.

Quite Hours are between 11pm and 8am. During this period NO disturbing sounds or noises are to be heard off the site or anywhere on the grounds.

The speed limit for all vehicles is 5 MPH throughout the grounds (walking is preferred). ONLY LICENSED DRIVERS MAY OPERATE VEHICLES

Children are not to be left unattended for any reason. They must stay within sight of their parent/guardian at all times and must stay away from the ponds and streams unless an adult is present. Lifejackets are recommended for young children under 5 years when playing near water. Life jackets can be provided if necessary.

There is no climbing trees or fences, or running through other campsites.

Any person under 21yrs riding a bicycle must wear proper safety gear including helmets. If riding after dark, headlights are required. Note that the 5 mph speed limit also applies to bicycles. As such all riders must ride at a reasonable speed with no skidding when stopping. Above all, riders must be respectful of others.

We allow up to four WELL BEHAVED pets to stay with you. There is an additional nightly charge for more than two pets.

All dogs must be walked on leash at all times when on the campground. Short leashes are preferred as extended leases do not offer proper control. Do no leave your pet unattended. Barking or other disruptive noises are prohibited, particularly during our quiet period. Please respect your neighbors; they too may have a pet. Andelyn Farm has provided a pet waste station for everyone’s convenience. Please pick up after you pet.

Fires must be in approved enclosures (fire pit or grill). No fires are to be pyramided or have flames more than 2 feet high.

Kindling for fires will be provided. Do not gather kindling from the wooded areas or cut braches from any trees in the Campground area.

Absolutely no Fires between 11pm and 8am. No fires to be left unattended at anytime. ALL FIRES MUST BE EXTINGUISHED BEFORE LEAVING OR RETRING FOR THE NIGHT with plenty of water to prevent rekindling Make sure the ashes are not hot to touch.

Use of the property is encouraged. Please respect nature at all times and be aware of your surroundings. Stay on the walking paths, do not pick or damage any flora or fauna. Do not break any limbs or damage any trees. No motorized vehicles on the walking baths or bridges.

Smoking permitted ONLY outside of yurts and away from other guests. NO SMOKING inside bathhouse or yurts. Stay a good distance away from other guests and be respectful of your surroundings. There are cans on the property to dispose of cigarette and cigar butts. DO NOT toss them on the ground and make sure they are put out before disposing of them.

ATVs, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles and other similar motorized vehicles are permitted provided that they are operated in a safe and respectful manner and do not create an amount of noise that may be considered to be disturbing to other Guests. Drive safely with consideration of other campers, quiet time. The speed limit within campground MUST be adhered to at all times.

Trash dumpsters are provided on site. All trash should be bagged before depositing in dumpster. Trash is to be disposed of and not left on site for any reason. NO GARBAGE OR PLASTIC IS TO BE BURNED. This is a New York state law.

Do not leave belongings in the restrooms or showers when not in use. Clean up after use. Sinks are not to be used for washing dishes or clothes. There is a sink in the laundry room for this purpose.

Black or gray water, grease, or ashes are not to be dumped on the ground. This is New York state law. Please deposit any grease or ashes or any other compromised material in a trash bag and dispose of it in dumpster. Trash bags are provided by Andelyn Farm,

Firearms of any kind including fireworks, firecrackers and other explosive items are not permitted on the farm for any reason. Violators will be reported to authorities and will be evicted from the premises.

Privacy for all campers is to be respected at all times. Do not walk or drive through any site other than you own, vacant or occupied . Be respectful. Guests are responsible for the actions and deeds of their children and visitors.

Signs, commercial ventures, enterprises, or solicitation require approval of Andelyn Farm. Guest will remunerate to Andelyn Farm Corp. a minimum of $200 or 10% of selling price for all private sales made within the property.

Trees and flora are part of the beauty of the farm. Cutting and trimming is not allowed without prior permission of the management. NO nails, large ropes, wires or cables are to be attached to trees.

DO NOT REMOVE BRANCHES FROM THE STANDING TREES, alive or dead. A minimum of $50 assessment will be made for willfully damaging, cutting or breaking branches, or peeling bark from trees, in addition to possible eviction.


The Swimming Pool is for private use only and is out of bounds for all Guests.

Absolutely no entry allowed into the barns, mill or museum, without permission from the management of Andelyn Farm.

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